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Nancy is the proud Founder of Street Aid Africa Foundation

I am a crusader for change, an advocate for the vulnerable, and a beacon of hope for those trapped in the cycle of poverty and inadequate education.

My Journey

Driven by an unyielding passion for quality education and the girl child, Nancy established the foundation with a single aim: to promote education as a gateway to limitless possibilities. 

With a strong focus on Sustainable Development Goals 3 and 4, Street Aid Africa Foundation has become synonymous with transformative programs like ‘Street to School Campaign,’ ‘Clothe the Streets,’ and ‘School Impact Outreach.’

In addition to running one of the most impactful NGOs in Africa, Nancy has now taken a step further with the publication of ‘The ABC of Menstruation,’ fulfilling a dream to empower young girls with the knowledge, confidence, and dignity they deserve.

She is a person who embodies the spirit of activism, not just with words but with decisive actions that have reverberated across communities and indeed, across borders.

My Process

For Nancy, the mission is clear: to use education as a tool to rewrite destinies, to use compassion as a pathway to connect human souls, and to use love as a force to conquer despair. 

It’s not just a mission; it’s a lifetime commitment. And so, the journey continues, one step, one school, and one life at a time.

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