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The Business of Social Media Management

The online school where you learn Social Media Management and how to monetize the skill.

With over 10,000 businesses launched every year globally, the demand for social media marketers is growing day by day.

Position yourself as a candidate of choice for companies and start-ups looking to hire social media marketers.


The Business of Video Modelling

Learn the skill and strategy of creating breathtaking videos for advertising.

Every online platform has prioritized videos to drive their messaging, create breathtaking offers and to make more  sales.

Right now, so many organizations need someone who will speak for their brands, and present their offers to their target audience. You can be that person.

Learn how to:

Instagram Marketing Course - Rookie to Insta Pro

Gain massive visibility and learn content marketing that brings daily audience growth and sales in 14 days.

Are you a business owner or entrepreneur interested in amplifying your brand to enable you to make more profit than usual in this economy using Instagram?

See, just like you, I was once a novice on Instagram. I will book studio sessions, take fine pictures, and post, and all I had was zero sales, and zero engagement. 

With this course, you will learn:

Get TNN's Content Journal

Over 1000 content ideas, hooks, and call to actions for your online brand.

80 % of Business owners who show up at my strategy sessions say they struggle with creating quality content online.

Some actually push themselves and start, but burn out, or get bored with creating the same thing over and over.

This content journal comes with over 1000 content ideas, hooks, captions in a content calendar format for your brand, for any social media platform.

So for every single day of the year:

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I have only enriched my courses with tested and vetted tactics that has given me results. So, take all you’ll learn here as the ‘gospel truth’ that will drive results—if you do just as I have prescribed.

I understand staying current in the digital space is vital for your continuous growth. So, I ensure to fill you with the relevant updates that keeps you ahead in the super-competitive digital world.

Should you get stuck or need questions about anything, I’m always a beep away. So, be rest assured you won’t be left in the cold to figure it out all on your own.

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